Area of Specialization: Market Research / Marketing


Smith Arnold Partners has been recruiting in the market research area since 2002. Our focus is on custom research and media analytics. We have a strong network in the media research, entertainment, advertising, and publishing sectors as well as the supplier side companies that provide services to these industries.


Smith Arnold Partners provides both retained and contingency recruitment services in this market. Our successes include mid to senior level positions across the United States.


Our clients in the Market Research area nationally and internationally known organizations and are typically located in major large metropolitan areas in the United Sates.

  • We provide you access to higher caliber candidates and more productive professionals.
  • We provide options; you’ll have the luxury of choosing between multiple well qualified candidates.
  • Working with us will allow you to spend far less time interviewing unqualified and/or uninterested people.
  • We provide results faster and we guarantee those results.
  • We don’t submit “resumes” to “position descriptions”. We introduce professional people to other professional people that are seeking to acquire new high caliber employees.
  • You only pay our fee if you determine there is value to the service we have provided.

Candidates Represented by Smith Arnold Partners are asked to complete a comprehensive and thorough interview and background screening process.


While we primarily work as a contingency search firm, we offer the quality of services and results generally offered only by a retained search firm.

What People are Saying


"The team of professionals that worked with me was excellent. I must say, I was impressed at the amount of time that each member of the team dedicated to me during the process of being hired. The people at Smith Arnold Partners truly understand that it’s more than just technical or professional skills that fit you into a new career. If I ever need help with a career move in the future, I would be happy to come back."

SR Project Manager -
Boston, MA area