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“I have worked with them for over ten years. They have maintained a strong professional working style throughout all of my dealings. They take the time to know their clients well and understand the positions for which they recruit.” I highly recommend them. - EVP, Global Consulting Firm

“I have referred friends and colleagues to them in the past and would certainly do so in the future”.
- VP, Global Consulting Firm

“They are a group of excellent professionals who really pay attention to both client and company's needs; they do a great job of pairing them up. They are trustworthy and reliable, always approachable and a pleasure to work with. When I worked with them to fill my most recent position, I was amazed by their dedication, professionalism and willingness to help me through every step of the process.”
- Chief Information Officer, Global Imaging Firm

“It has been a pleasure to work closely and collaboratively with them. They are the leader in the accounting/audit sector and the firm whom I bounce things off of and look to for guidance...a terrific coach. My “Trusted Advisor” is that unique character, trustworthy and a staple of consistency...I would recommend him highly.” - Internal Audit Manager, National Airline

“He has been a valued partner over the years as I built multiple teams and looked for different levels of talent while servicing as Vice President, Senior Vice President and as Executive Vice President. “My “Trusted Advisor” has not only maintained and built an excellent candidate pool over the years; he excels at matching needs with talent rather than just presenting candidates. He has also been very good at thinking outside the box with me.” - EVP, Top Ten Information Management Firm

“Highly ethical, detail oriented and approachable professional. They are committed to quality and follows through on all projects with which he is involved” - CFO, Global CPG Firm

“I worked with him to place a difficult role on my team. I needed a unique mixture of skills to find the most appropriate person. He immediately understood the criteria needed for the role and was effectively able to weed through his database to find the right people. His industry experience, professionalism and his ability to provide high value consulting were very valuable to me during the process. I was very satisfied with the partnership and would highly recommend him as someone that can bring strong talent to a firm.” - Managing Director, Advertising Research Firm

“I can highly recommend him as a top notch service provider. He delivered a great selection of quality candidates for some particularly hard-to-fill roles. He understood our needs, delivered results in a timely fashion, and followed up every step of the way to insure satisfaction. We were delighted with the outcome.” - Chief Compliance Officer, Large Regional Bank

I highly recommend him as a recruiter. My experiences in both being recruited and recruiting others have been exceptional with him.” - President, Global Consulting Firm

“I have had the pleasure of working with him for nearly 10 years. I highly recommend him for recruiting services.” - VP, Group Director

“A great contributor with our firm, assisting us with placement of business development professionals and others - not an easy recruit! A pleasure to work with, has consistently delivered, and is thorough and focused on customer satisfaction. I will definitely work with him in the He does a great job!”
- VP, Client & Market Development

“He is an outstanding business executive who inspires clients and understands their business issues 100%. An accomplished communicator and motivator, he has a proven track-record of growing relationships and delivering value to his clients.” - Chief Marketing Officer, Global Consulting Firm

“He defines excellence in all aspects of client service from identification of business issues to delivery of insight oriented talent and resource. He delivers solutions not just process. He is a true client-team player and class act. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time working together as someone who has provided c-level guidance and council to me personally, and as someone who has delivered “the best there is” to my organization.” - EVP, Global Consulting Firm

"I've long viewed him as a trusted business partner.” - SVP, Global Advertising Agency

“An excellent vendor partner over the past three years I have been at been at my firm. He is very knowledgeable about talent in our industry. Most importantly, he is ethical and reliable.”
- Director of Talent Acquisition, Global Consulting firm

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