Business Intelligence (BI) Data Specialist

Smith Arnold Partners

50-year-old Successful and very stable International Manufacturer is looking for a Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse Sr Developer who can establish their Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Data Warehouse environment from the ground floor! Exciting opportunity to work with Executives to create Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions for Finance, Sales and Marketing Departments from scratch!

Title: Lead Business Intelligence Developer
Location: Fairfield, CT
Salary: 115,000 – 130,000 + Bonus

Employee Testimonials:
Great management team: calm professional environment. Company empowers you to be as involved in company as you want to be. Company culture is open to new ideas. Employees are friendly and hard working.
Excellent leadership which invites ideas and praises hard work.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to architect and develop this companies Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Data Warehouse capabilities from the ground floor. This company is looking for someone to work closely with business customer from Finance, Sales and Marketing departments to understand their reporting needs. This individual will then develop Business Intelligence Solutions, Dashboards and Data Visualizations to meet each department specific needs. The goal is to establish Self Service Business Intelligence Solutions and Dashboards for each department. This Business Intelligence Developer will also help choose the best tools to accomplish this endeavor.
As part of a global company, the BI Data Specialist is expected to assess and cultivate long-term strategic goals for BI development in conjunction with end users, managers, clients, and other stakeholders to meet the demands of the organization as a whole, in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations.
This position will aid in the design and development of complex financial, sales, and marketing reports as well as administering a Data Warehouse program designed to enhance reporting capabilities utilizing JetReports, SSIS, Power BI, Excel, Access and other analytics tools in order to deliver efficiencies and improve business awareness for organizational leadership.
This Lead Business Intelligence (BI) lead developer will plan, coordinate, and supervise all activities related to the integration of data across various sources into an organized and unified view. This individual is also responsible for the integrity of data and the monitoring of data flow between databases, servers and Cloud services.
Essential Responsibilities:
Direct, organize, and lead projects in the implementation and use of new BI software tools and systems
Lead the integration efforts for merging BI platforms with enterprise systems (Microsoft NAV) and applications.
Act as evangelist for BI benefits across the organization; promote BI usage to relevant departments
Maintain high standards of data quality through the introduction and enforcement of information handling processes and organization of reporting processes
Identify methods of data visualization and presentation principles to ensure effective and impactful communication of projects to management
Assist in the design of databases and data warehouses to ensure interoperability with BI solutions
Develop analytic reports and dashboards utilizing various databases and third-party data files.
Identify and implement the most suitable reporting architecture for the organization’s needs.
Manage all database processing functions, including merge/purge, data hygiene, data appends, and coordination with 3rd party vendors.
Serve as a liaison between department’s analytical needs and technical data storage systems and files
Troubleshoot BI tools, systems, and software; performance-tune these applications as necessary
Collaborate with stakeholders to document requirements for reporting
Identify issues in data quality that would impact reporting (i.e. duplicate records, missing data, etc.)
Ensure high level of CRM data quality and structure
Mentor and/or provide leadership to other members of the team.
Identify strategies for evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI’s), quality metrics, outcomes evaluation, population management studies, etc.
Maintain trends and track various measures to fully utilize the capabilities of databases and data files.
Work diligently to enhance or improve business processes via integration

The ideal candidate will have experience developing Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions from the ground floor
Experience developing Self Service Business Intelligence reports and Dashboards
5+ years’ experience in report development, business / customer intelligence, data management or business analysis
Experience with JetReports, Access, SSRS, SSAS, Tableau or Power BI
Knowledge of Data Warehouse concepts (e.g. Data Marts, Facts/Dimension tables, Star schema etc.)
Strong knowledge and experience in creating parameterized reports, drill down reports and scheduled reports
Knowledge of relational database design and data management techniques
Ability to interface with executives, functional managers, 3rd-party providers, and employees
Previous experience with reporting results to executive-level stakeholders
Proven communication skills, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of integration best practices are critical to successful performance in this role
Analytical, creative, and innovative approach to solving problems
Previous Experience with Financial Reporting
Familiar with Microsoft DynamicsNAV ERP
Familiar with CRM systems
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field