Employer Solutions

Employer Solutions

At Smith Arnold Partners you will work with a firm with the highest degree of professionalism, a passionate dedication to ethical executive search and an unmatched history of success. Leveraging close to three decades of organizational recruiting success, we have created specialty practices that are led by Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC). Our CPCs are seasoned professionals in their chosen areas, allowing them to provide our clients with the highest degree of industry focus, exceptional talent and a profitable and professional relationship.

We provide search options designed to meet the needs of our clients, including:

  • Contingency
  • Retained
  • Contract
  • Contract-to-Hire

We incorporate a refined and proven process, giving Smith Arnold Partners a true competitive advantage.

Searching Candidates


  • Our prime recruiting directive is to identify the best people in the industry, regardless of their activity in seeking a potential new employer. Many professionals, when effectively presented with an excellent opportunity, will consider a potential move.
  • We find the most effective recruitment methods are networking, referrals and cold calls. Most top candidates are not responsive to job boards or traditional advertising.
  •  Unlike most recruiting firms, Smith Arnold Partners continues to rely on one-to-one, in-depth interviewing which may include requesting and sharing a recorded virtual interview.


  • All candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed in person whenever possible, and required to provide business references before they are introduced to a client
  • Each candidate is briefed on the position, department, company and specific job requirements prior to the interview.
  • Candidates are also fully briefed on the recruiter’s decision regarding their fit to the position.
  • When a fit is identified, a full presentation is provided, per specific client and departmental requirements, often including a detailed candidate profile with references.
  • All candidates are advised on how to prepare for the interview. We require a commitment to accuracy, honesty and a focus on how their accomplishments and expertise make them best suited to the position.
  • Candidates are fully de-briefed post-interview, with detailed feedback provided to the client.
  • All candidates are guided through the offer/negotiation stage by the lead recruiter, with goal of advocating a market-oriented successful offer.
Candidates Interviewing
Client-Specific Database Management

Client-Specific Database Management

  • Smith Arnold Partners maintains an highly actionable database that consists of a statistically significant large section of all potential candidate in our specialties.

  • State-of-the-art record-tracking and data management software is used, along with hands-on management by our administrative and IT staffs.

  • Each practice area at Smith Arnold Partners maintains a sub-database for its specialty.

  • Our “Profile Presentation” goes beyond the industry standards and is a large part of our success.